Idol Slim Coffee in Pakistan

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Idol Slim Coffee in Pakistan

Idol Slim Coffee In Pakistan is a awesome weight loss solution by drinking coffee. It is specially developed for the people who want to loss their excessive fat and weight. Many people fell frequent hanger. Idol slim coffee will reduce their frequent hunger. It will reduce their fat and make them slim. Besides , there are many benefits of drinking idol slim coffee.

Idol Slim Coffee In Pakistan Benefits

It helps to reduce fat and weight
It makes you to feel less hungry
It makes you slim and attractive
It helps to modify your daily eating habits
It helps you to loss weight of the waist, neck, arms, toned legs and strengthens muscles
No needs to exercise regularly to loss weight
No side effects and harmful for you
It increase your blood circulation

Idol Slim Coffee In Pakistan Ingredients

Non-diary Creamer, Instant Cappuchino,  Fibre , White Kidney Bean Extract , Marine Collagen, Soybean germ extracts , L-carnitine ,  L-glutathione, Green Coffee In Pakistan Bean Extract, Extracts of vegetables and fruits, Stevia Extract, Sucralose , Chromium Picolinate

How to use Idol Slim Coffee in Pakistan

Pour Idol Slim Coffee in Pakistan 1 sachet in hot water 150 ml for 30 minutes before the first meal.
Net Weight 15 gram each Sachet

 Additional important information about Idol Slim Coffee in Pakistan

All our products has been tested and approved by the FDA of Thailand, with the GMP standard
This is high quality product without harmful chemical and there is no side effect for body, and not treated as prescription drugs
Certificate: GMP, Thai FDA 10-1-09050-1-0073

Important Caution about Idol Slim Coffee in Pakistan

Children and pregnant women should not eat.
This dietary supplement has no results in the treatment disease,
Recommend to frequently eat daily a variety of 5 groups of food in the right proportions.


  • Suitable for men and woman
  • 1 box 10 sachets
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
Note: Pregnant woman and new born child mother should not drink it

Idol Slim Coffee Price in Pakistan is Rs : 2,500.00 PKR


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Idol Slim Coffee in Pakistan