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Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan – Vimax Long Time Delay Spray Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad

What is Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan?

Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan Postpone Spray Is A Medicinal Spray To Desensitize Male Penis To Prolong The Sex Timings. It Contains Such Chemicals That Make The Penis Numb So That The Warmth And The Moisture Of The Sheath Have Less Effect On The Male And He Lasts Longer. Men Who Are Suffering From Premature Ejaculation Can Make Use Of It And Increase Their Sexual Pleasure For Longer Time. Purchase Largo King Size Super Delay Spray Online in Pakistan – In Addition To Delay Spray In Pakistan Men Also Use Delay Creams And Delay Condoms, And It Is All Up To Your Desire And Requirements That Suits You For Better Sex. There Are Lot Of Men Who Are Suffering From Premature Ejaculation Or Short Sex Time Due To Over-affectability Of Their Organ. Vimax Delay Spray in Lahore
Vimax Delay Spray in Islamabad Is a supported worth element interestingly nitty-gritty to lessen over affectability of the penis, it can radiance to concede the release. Vimax sex Delay Spray drag out sexual delight. Vimax Sex Delay Spray Magic aroma spread will practice a soothing effect to help sexual hope. Vimax Sex Delay Spray is a 100% characteristic home developed sex spread. Vimax Delay Spray an attested worth thing extraordinarily characterized to reduce over-affectability in the male and drag out sexual euphoria. Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan is utilized for a long time on the bed for sexual delight and pleasure with no symptoms. Size: 40ml Advantages Guaranteed increase in Man’s sexual ejaculation timing up to 45 minutes. Added new formula to control erection power first on the top of the penis, second on the center of penis & third on below part of penis Vimax Long-time delay cream for men.
Vimax Delay Spray in Karachi Contains an emollient base that is colorless non-toxic and will not harm the skin. Original Extra Strong Effect Advance Formula Reduce Over-Sensitivity Prolong Pleasure Non-toxic & Colorless NO Harm to Skin Apply two or more measured Sprays as required to the head of the penis shortly before intercourse.

Vimax Delay Spray In Lahore

Stud Spray In Lahore is watchful and contains a light skin oil. It is free from any scent just as non-dangerous and vapid in nature. Because This shower is utilized for topical utilization of Novocaine USP. But This splash is simple and safe to utilize. Apply this splash 5 minutes before intercourse and don’t use for more than 2-3 showers. To fulfill you and your accomplice, purchase this splash online from The Health Tree at a limited cost.

Vimax Delay Spray Benefits & Results

This spray is odor and flavor loose so ought to you obtain oral intercourse your companion won’t be able to tell you to have it on. Caution: this spray could be very effective, do now not exceed the encouraged dose of two-3 sprays. The use of Vimax Delay at the least five mins before making love will reduce sensitivity, offers you an extended lasting erection, will increase your enjoyment and self-belief while making love, boom her amusement, pride, and choice.


Builds The Sexual Intercourse Timings For Longer Enjoyable Sex.
Completely Satisfies Your Sexual Partner Thus Leaving A Better Male Impression On Her.
Builds The Love And Closeness Between You And Her.
Builds up A Happy and Satisfied Relationship between the Married Couples.
Increment sexual stamina
Increment discharge as long as 30 minutes.
No symptom.

How to Use?

Wash Your Penis With Clean Water.
Number Of Sprays Differ From Man To Man, Try And Test It According To Your Own Requirements. Regularly 2-3 Short Sprays Serve the Purpose for Most of the Men.
Wash your penis before apply Spray.
Use in any event 15 minutes before intercourse.
Top of the penis.
The focus of the penis.

Brand Vimax Delay spray

Made In Canada
For Male
Size 45Ml
Special Feature With Vitamin E
Get Bigger & Thicker “Organ”
Get Desired Results In Just A Few Weeks
Rock Hard Erections
Herbal Formula Made Of Precious Herbs
No Side Effects

Ingredients used in the delay spray

Vimax spray in Pakistan contains an herbal ingredient, namely Guarani extract. Guarani has high level of caffeine that increases your energy and reduces your fatigue. Another component used in the spray is benzocaine, known as topical aesthetics.

Frequently Answered Questions

How does Vimax spray work?
Vimax delay spray is a high-quality product that helps you in controlling your ejaculation. Its special components are effective for nourishing cells in your penis. You will get a lasting outcome when you are engaged in bed relationship with your partner.
How will I use the time delay spray?
There is nothing complicated in using the spray. Make sure that you have washed the penis to get the best result. You have to apply the spray at least 15 minutes before having your sexual intercourse. Use the spray two times and wait for its effects. Leave a gap of 20 minutes between two sprays. You must apply the solution to the tip of your penis.
Does Vimax delay spray cause side effect?
Vimax delay spray contains no harmful chemicals, and thus, it never harms your skin. However, it does not make your penis compatible with oral sex.

Vimax Delay Spray Price in Pakistan

Vimax Delay Spray In Pakistan Price is Rs. 1500 PKR Only.


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Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan